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Gypsie our first Newf.













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Kongo Multi Best In Show



The #1 Newfoundland in the



Country 2005, Top 10 2006


American, Canadian Champion









American Champion,

Best of Breed Winner


Puppy Group Winner,

Multi. Puppy Group Placer

Canine Good Citizen







American Champion


Best of Breed Winner


Canine Good Citizen





RJ & Juulia







On August 24th, 2006 I was given the best surprise!











Kongo & Tina Turners
Confetti Litter 02/22/04





Kongo & Tina Turners
Confetti Litter 02/22/04











The family that sits together, stays together :)

Daddy Rhodo, RJ, Julia and Mommy India



Amorosa Newfoundlands is registered with the American Kennel Club.

Our Newfoundland's are our companions, our pride and joy. It's very difficult to go on a vacation without at least taking two, unless we vacation over seas. We exhibit in confirmation and working events, both in the United States and in Canada. We are not a kennel, our dogs are our kids. They are part of our daily life and are our life! 

I am a member of the following clubs; Newfoundland Club of America, Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club, Newfoundland Club of Florida, Newfoundland  Club of New  England.

Please visit club websites to see Newf. happenings & workshops in your area.

Where it all began

We will always keep Temperament, Health and Working abilities a priority. General description of the Newfoundland dog, Breed Standard ,  Read this before you consider buying a Newfoundland!, Newfoundland Club of America Rescue Network.

There are many links throughout my website, to assist you in caring, raising & training your Newfoundland. Please keep in mind that if your not ready to raise a child or be a parent, then your not ready to share your life with a  Newfoundland!! Observations shows that viagra generique parmadoc is effective when men suffer ED.




Canadian National 
Specialty News 2010



Kongo & Tina Turners
Confetti Litter 02/22/04



Fall is in the air and naughty dogs are everywhere

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Fall is in the air and naughty dogs are everywhere

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Links on how to care for your Newfoundland~NCA website

Newfoundland club of America Rescue Network

The Newfoundland

Grooming your Newfoundland~ permission granted by owner





  ***All dogs must be properly socialized within your community, obedience school, family activities and functions; so that may be given the opportunity to become exceptional companions which they're capable of being and well mannered citizens. Do not expect to buy a dog and not have to put anytime or effort into the relationship, it doesn't go that way. It is a life time commitment! Our dogs pose for photos and look well mannered because we are dedicated to raising them correctly.





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