Kongo & Tina Turners
Confetti Litter 02/22/04




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Sire & Daughter




Our trip to the Veterinarian & The Cardiologist below


Oh ma do we have to go visit the Vet., we feel and look fine


Thank goodness mom takes us to get our bodies and hearts checked.

We have just returned home and all went super duper, and we slept the whole ride.

Mr. Lime ~ Ok, I will admit it I howled just twice.

Miss Gold ~ And I had the only #2 accident........sssshhhh

Miss Pink ~ The Vet told mom we all have a clean bill of health.

Miss Orange ~ Dr. Edwards the cardiologist said we all have normal hearts.

Mr. Blue ~ Oh Ya! Us boyz each have a set of testicles ;)

Miss Yellow~ Ma what are those?

Mr. Red ~ Ouch that Micro-Chip needle did hurt! HomeAgain.com

All puppy's are chipped by the breeder and the breeder is listed as an alternate contact.

Thank you Uncle Erwin for carrying us around all day.


                                                      Now we patiently wait to be brought back into the yard ;)






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CH. Amorosa's I Put A Spell On U RN, CGC   

"Nina" (Simone) the great singer, pianist, composer, arranger, songwriter.


At 9 weeks..........................................................At 10 months

Miss Orange

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CH. Amorosa's Pocahontas WRD, CD, RA, CGC

"Pocahontas" Full of high-spirited fun; frisky and playful.

Miss Yellow

pictured at 21 months                                5 point major win at 3 years young

Newfoundland National Specialty Working Bitch Class Winner 2008

Owned by Peggy Vivinetto & Amorosa

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Amorosa's Que Sera Sera CD, RN, CGC

"Sierra" The meaning of the name Sierra is - Black, The origin is - Spanish


Miss Pink

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Sierra right and half brother Tango left

placed 2nd in Rally Novice Team & Obedience Team at NCA Specialty 2008

Owned by Corrie Harreys & Amorosa




Amorosa's Hurray for Torbay  CGC

"Fawn" To exhibit affection or attempt to please, to seek favor or attention by flattery


At 9 weeks above



at 17 months above

Miss Gold






CH. Amorosa's Dark Summit CGC  

"Summit"  The highest point or part; the top. The highest level or degree that can be attained.



2008 National Specialty, made the cut BOB, handler Rebecca Carner

Owned by Patti Clifton & Amorosa









 CH. Amorosa's Grand Slam  

"Hank" aka The Tank


Multi.Working Group Winner, Placer, 2007 SENC Regional Specialty WD, BOW 5pt , handler Lisa Miller

A Top 25 Qualifier for 2008 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship



 Hank is owned by Jane Cornell & Amorosa 





Amorosa's Blue Ribbon


5 months above


19 months below

Oliver at 2 years of age below

Owned by Joan O'Conner





This litter at 3 weeks

This litter at 5 weeks

This litter at 6 weeks

This litter at 7 weeks

This litter at 10 weeks


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