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Newfoundland's can only do well in Florida, if you cater to them 110%.

Air conditioning, living inside the house and a generator (if possible) is a must!




India & Rhodo enjoyed a trolley ride and watching spectators,

at the St. Augustine Christmas Parade

(click for photo's)




Rhodo and his friend 'Bella" at the dog beach (CLICK)





click to visit Kongo & Sosa's friendship




St. Augustine Day Parade 2008 click for pictures




Click on photo to get an update on "Tropical Strom Fay 2008"





Kongo visits Tarpon Springs, Florida (click)










Nina, Daddy & Anaya, watch tropical storm Noel.

Tropical storm Noel killed 91 people as he made his way to Florida.

In Florida he brutally brushed our shore line and cause major erosion.


Noel waves where amazing to see.

Nina spent most of her time, watching them over Anaya's shoulder.

Nina never acts worried, but she constantly checks on her.



Tango & Sierra's dad, Doug Harrey's came to vacation in FL and enjoyed

Newfoundlands, for his first time ever in Florida.

Doug tossed the bumper at one Newf (Kongo) above


And they multiplied (can't get them wet ;)


Doug hugs Kongo & Nina good bye

And gives Nina facial mushiness.


Yeah let me do that to you tuff guy.

Can you handled my sand paper paws ;)



That crazy bird, tried to steal the bumper ;)



A man and his best friend!


On this day Oslo and Kongo enjoy the beach.

It was a very breezy day and all they wanted to do was sleep.






On this day Nina and her daughter India got to enjoy a day on the beach.

They weren't allowed to swim because the beach was full of "Men of War"

They did enjoy a walk on the beach, talking to seagulls & sandpipers

as well as many other four legged visitors on the doggy beach.




Below Nina & India watch as daddy tries to make the beach safe enough for them to fetch,

but the ocean kept on washing the "Men of War" back on the sand.




Miss India & I




Below Nina enjoys smooching with daddy





First Nina and I smooch, then India and I smooch

Then we all smooch

Ok, now it's time to head home. It's cold (yes cold) and I had enough.


I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed relaxing on the beach with our two wonderful girls.


Below is my oldest Newf. Oslo turned 11 years young in July. He acts as if he was 5 years young!!!



We shaved him the first summer we moved down, but never again!


Nina's way of greeting people she meets. She is such a social butterfly!!




There she goes again.

We love it when we make people we meet, happy.

It is nice when they tell you their stories of how they were owned by a Newfoundland, it their earlier years.




There goes Miss Nina again, enjoying being touched at an obedience trial



first she shows him her bracelet....................then she tells him don't worry "I'm fine."


then she kisses him for making her feel safe.