Threeponds Who's That Lady Amorosa


Our first Newfoundland.


All my child hood I was raised with dogs, I had every type of mixed breed, pure bred toy poodles, an Old English Sheep dog, they were named Blacky, Lady, Lucky, Benji (you name it) and they all came from the pound with their own names and sad stories. I could never be without a dog, there where times when Mom would allow for me to have 2 & 3 at one time. I would care for all of them and cherish their company. I remember my grand mothers dog Billy, they say he would grab my underwear and made me look like the Coppertone suntan lotion baby commercial back in the day.  They all said I would sit there and cry myself to sleep, after Billy was a bad dog to me.

In winter of 1995 I wished to have another child, my husband said "I'll buy you a dog". He wanted a German Shepherd as he was raised with Shepherds in his family.

I, on the other hand didn't mind him buying me a dog, but it would have to be one that was big, I could cuddle with, whom would hike , swim and walk with me. One day I was looking through the dog Fancy magazine and there was the dog I wanted. It was a big black bear and I always loved bears. So the search and waiting began, after six months of interviews and searching breeders I finally met Ruth March (Tarbell Kennels) whom recommended I contact Emile & Linda Packwood in Canada. I called Emile, he gave me a phone interview and said I had to go to Canada to meet them and a 4 month old female they had. So the next day my husband and I took off from work and began our journey to Canada, being so excited and happy we drove four hours past the breeders home....hehehe, So we reached the breeder at midnight and drove home with our Big girl. Well we though she would be small so we purchased a small travel kennel and when we arrived the only thing my husband could say was Whoa , Sheesh, for over 20 mins.

Every breeder I spoke to gave me the third degree and interviewed me as if I was adopting a baby. I SEE WHY!!!!!!!!!!

And as I say:

Please keep in mind that if your not ready to raise a child or be a parent, then your not ready to share your life with a  Newfoundland!!!

Gypsie in the front seat on her way home from Canada :)


Gypsie is wonderful, she taught me everything

and introduced me to this wonderful breed

that will forever be part of our lives.

Gypsie was no show dog as she had a triple kink in her tail,

but she is a hell of a companion & was a great working dog in her time.

Now she is happy ruling the main floor & back yard.

Helmsman's Gypsie CD, WRD, CGC

Gypsie my first Newf. pictured at two years of age. This is where it all began. She is presently 11 years old, in March of 06. Gypsie is a magnificent swimmer, she is every water work trainers dream dog. She is a whip and her soul mate is the water. Gypsie made certain that she put on a show at every water trial she was entered, she would surely make you ooooo and aaaaa. Lounging into the water like a seal and never looking back. Special thanks to all whom came to water trials to support and enjoy Gypsie. In 1998 we were awarded the NCNE Water test "Sportsmanship Award". The purpose of this award was to recognize a team-handler and dog - who demonstrate the special working relationship and bond between the Newf and his/her owner that comes from the time, patience and training necessary to prepare for the Water Test. 


Gypsie pictured above at NCNE water trials in 1998 doing the final exercise required to obtain our WRD.

I fall over board and Gypsie must jump to my rescue and tow me to shore.





Gypsie loves to pose


It was Oslo's birthday party, but Gypsie stole the show

along with Pooh-bear, Chassie & Onyx


Gypsie & I at our first water training seminar in 1997


I told you she loves to pose




Oslo & Gypsie at our cabin, while it was first being built


Gypsie relaxing in our first Newfy Van and on the beach in Cape Cod, MA with Daddy & Oslo


Oslo & Gypsie at a BMNC match




And more Gypsie pictures below


Oslo was my 2nd Newf. This time I wanted a show dog and I told him at 1 weeks of age I would make him a

Versatile Newfoundland and I did.

Along the way I knew I wanted to continue to show, train, breed and look after this wonderful breed. I purchased two girls at separate times and different reputable breeders, but their health clearances turned out to be  what I didn't want to start a breeding program with. So my dear friend placed a female (Tina turner) in my home, which we both owned and bred once together. After this litter and being that I met the agreement in the contract, Tina Turner was given to me by her breeder Evelyn de Reus. I then purchased a male puppy Kongo to be bred to Tina as when I saw him, I saw that he had the confirmation that would compliment Tina where she lacked. This breeding gave me the confetti litter. With every litter we have taken a giant step forward in improving on our foundation lines. The best thing is when the mentor breeder whom I got my dogs from, club members/breeders  whom have been involved in the breed for over 20 years, comment on the improvement of our litters.

Breeding is not about throwing two dogs together. One must physically & mentally know the pedigrees, know your breeds standard and be the first to be honest when evaluating your dogs. A snipey muzzle is snipey no matter which way you look at it! Long hocks are long hocks, Light eye's are light eye's and on and on and on. So do your homework, test your stock with either OFA, OVC or Penn Hip and breed to minimize hereditary defects. But most importantly look at the whole dog and what it has to offer,  attend dog shows, watch & listen. Take the good and leave the bad.


And remember