CH. Rocky Harbor No Assembly Required 




  Meet Kongo pictured at 11 weeks.






Kongo with Gypsie after a swim in the pond.



 Kongo pictured above at The Northland Newfoundland Club 

Fun Match on 9/23/01.  Best Puppy, Group 1








                              After a swim 

Kongo pictured above at Newfoundland Club of New England 

Fun Match on 10/07/01.  3-6 month puppy 1st. place


9/16/01 Putnam Valley Kennel Club, NY  Fun Match, 3-6 month 1st, Best Puppy, Group 2

9/23/01 Northland Newfoundland Club, NY Fun Match, 3-6 month 1st, Best Puppy, Group 1

9/30/01 First Company Governor's Foot Guard  Athletic Ass'n, CT  3-6 month 1st, Best Puppy

10/7/01 Newfoundland Club of New England, MA Fun Match, 3-6 month 1st

10/21/01 Amsterdam, NY., All breed match, 3-6 months 1st, Best of Breed




   Hey Ma!  Can we go to a dog show and show off?  PLEASE...




This is a photo of " Kongo" at five months of age.

photo taken 11/17/01