I have been involved with the Newfoundland breed for over eight years. I'm proud to say that this was my first litter.  These puppies arise from two very Sweet, Gentle, Healthy (OFA), well trained and mannered Newfoundlands.  We had an outstanding litter of seven puppies (they're all in wonderful homes). Pedigree for this litter 04/19/02


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Tina Turner & Oslo,  five weeks post whelping.



The Sire

Oslo at 5 1/2 years old (sire)




Mr. Mom Daddy Oslo has been sleeping with the puppies at night, since Father's Day.  Tina Turner is not the only caring parent of this litter! Oslo is very sweet and gentle with the puppies. He allows them to climb all over him.  He is our Nana and has always cared for our new additions at night.





  I'm steppin out!






Daddy & Me




Some of the puppies at 3.5 weeks.


Lovely Girl



Gorgeous Big Boy (9~Volt) Click on the photo to see 9~Volt now!




That's my daddy.





      Amorosa's Max  Bear Rothman's 

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We are proud to announce that a photo of "Amorosa's Max Bear Rothman"

submitted & taken by Max's owners The Rothmans,

was chosen as NCA's Newf. Tide photo contest winner for 2003. 

Click on photo to visit and read Ernie Rothmans story & see two other photo's that were chosen.







Amorosa's Discovery Nessie (on the left)




Amorosa's Prince Rudi  







Rudi at 5 weeks



Rudi running in the first back yard he knew and greeting his litter brother 9Volt



Rudi is a GOOD boy and Santa didn't forget ;)



The Newfoundland is not the breed for you if!

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***All dogs must be properly socialized within your community, obedience school, family activities and functions; so that may be given the opportunity to become exceptional companions which they're capable of being and well mannered citizens. Do not expect to buy a dog and not have to put anytime or effort into the relationship, it doesn't go that way. It is a life time commitment! My dogs pose for photos and look well mannered because we are dedicated to raising them correctly. Remember the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree!