Marlee's registration name "One Love" comes from the song written and

 sung by the late Bob Marley

Marlee was the only puppy in this litter, hence the name "One Love".



born June 17th

Pedigree & photo's of grandparents

Heart/Normal/Cardiologist, Cystinuria/Normal/Parentage

Hip x-rays/Normal




It's never easy to let go of a dog that you hold on to, to watch

and see if it's what you would like to be part of your breeding program.

But one must have firm standards if you want to improve on the present breeding stock,

one must be most critical even when its a creature we love. The greatest thing

is when you are patient in waiting & selecting the home that is

best,  right and  compatible for that companion.

Marlee has been spayed and placed with the perfect home for her.

To me and my demands in a Newfoundland Marlee was clearly a great companion.

At the time of spay her hips were x-rayed and they looked beautiful.

It is safe to say that we are certain she would have gotten a good/excellent from OFA/OVC.

But there is more to a Newfoundland than great hips.

Marlee's temperament is superb, she loves everyone and especially kids.

But for my breeding program I like to see more likes as far as breed type then dislikes.

So what was best for Marlee was to have her spayed and placed in a outstanding home,

where she would be loved and cherished as a companion,

whom will do obedience & agility with her and she would have children to look after.


Marlee below with her new family.  All Marlee was taught at Amorosa paid off :)

She went to her first obedience class and was placed in intermediate instead of beginners.

Email from Marlee's new Mommy:

Marlee and I went to our first obedience class last night.  We also met Summit and least I was obvious she already knew them! 

She did so well, I was so proud.....Thanks to you, we're in the intermediate class.  We totally skipped over the beginners class.....aren't we something!! 

You should have seen Marlee, she was so great, you would have been so proud of her.  She did everything that the class was doing with no problem at all....

and we had already missed two classes.  She was so great.  Thank you for her and for all of your hard work with her.  I think the teacher was quite impressed.

I can't tell you how much I adore her and how good she is.  I'm so proud to have one of your babies!  Thanks again for that! 



Marlee on her way to her new home & shortly after arriving at her new back yard.

Thank You Pamela for being that perfect loving home for Marlee, that I would only allow for Marlee to have.

Kick butt in obedience school, you have a obedience butt kicking dog!!!








Marlee catches a glimpse of the rooster :)))))))))....... he wakes me up at 5am







Marlee enjoying a dog show on Stan's lap and in the hotel (below)







Marlee and Mommy Tina


Yummers raw frozen fish







Marlee is a very happy, sweet, quick learner & very kissy Newf.






This is me, Marlee...hehehe, enjoying the Goshen, CT dog show. Where my half brother Summit went RWD






Marlee enjoying our property in the Adirondacks










I have learned to explore, here I explore the front yard.






















Below is Marlee on the left and half sister Celine on the right

Being that Marlee was the only pup in the litter, I can only compare Marlee to Celine.



Marlee                                    Celine




below is Miss Hot Tamale

6am I have the AC on and my quilt for chin to toes

and who is complaining of heat





In less than one minute she conquered the Ice :)))  

Or did the Ice conquer Marlee


Below is Marlee's half sister Celine.

Celine resting on her bowl of Ice.  In the RV, while on her way to her new home.


We can tell they re related :)





Uncle Kongo won the group and got this super toy box.

Well, Marlee says its a great spot to nap in and follow mommy around the house :)



Marlee below is not happy if chow isn't ready 



Marlee below enjoyed some Esbilac with Organic baby food-Spinach & Carrots.



And I didn't make a mess..........










Pictured above at just a few hours after birth


Pictured below at two days of age






the puppy along side Tina's big paw




Tina carries a toy with her in and out of the whelping box,

she is the BEST Mommy!!!



Nelson & Marlee 7 & 9 weeks