Accomplishments are a team effort!!! Whether owner handled or handler handled...

A human must take the time to train the dog in order to accomplish & achieve.

For this reason it is recommended that training start as soon as you get you puppy home.

No puppy is to young!!! There is play time and learning time "just like our two legged children"


*** Be patient & consistent in your training, make it fun, end it happy and train in short sessions.

***Give them lots of love and praise, so that they may learn to perform happily, reward them with lots of treats.

***When a Newfoundland is trained as I mention above, they can eventually be maneuvered with the movement of your pinky.

My dogs make offers all day, in hopes that they will be given a treat.


 What is a Canine Good Citizen Title?

What will my dog and I be tested for?




Below are the latest updates & titles earned on pups from this litter



On 05/16/07   earned his Canine good citizen & therapyI at Top Notch Training, NY

On 05/29/06    earned her 2nd leg in Rally Novice  Cincinnati Kennel Club score 88

  On 05/28/06    earned her 1st leg in Rally Novice  Cincinnati Kennel Club score 98, 1st place

In Feb. 2007 earned her CGC


On 10/16/06    completed Basic Obedience II at Top Notch Training, NY

On 09/21/06    completed Basic Obedience course

On 09/09/06    went 1st 6-9 mth puppy at the Elm City KC, Madison CT ALL breed match

On 06/14/06 14th   completed Basic Obedience at Top Notch Training, NY

On 05/01/06  completed Puppy Kindergarten at Top Notch Training at 16 weeks of age :)