"Pocahontas" Full of high-spirited fun; frisky and playful.

And that she is! Pocahontas controls things her way and at the pace she chooses.

As Kiko says: Pocahontas is our entertainment


Pocahontas is a Kongo X Tina Turner daughter.

Boy O'boy is she vibrant and full of spunk, she refuses to go unnoticed!!!

She is a very happy  puppy, attentive and eager to learn.


OFA results: Hips/Good, Elbows/DJD 1,

Cystinuria/Normal/Parentage, Heart/Normal/Cardiologist

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D.O.B. 02/22/04




5 point major win at 3 years of age









pictured at 21mths of age

BMNC Water Test 2008

Pocahontas decided she would earn her Senior Water Rescue Dog Title on Sept 13, 2008.

She gave us a bit entertainment from time to time, but she was certain to pass. She didn't

want to be seen on the beach next year "with those lovely shorts" daddy John wear's for Ana ;_)

This year Keith and I, decided to play a trick on John.

Knowing that John s such a gentlemen, I faked dropping my keys.

And SNAP, Keith got his lovely flowered shorts.

Proud parents of a New Senior Water Rescue Dog.

Proud owners ;).....I'm just proud of all my wonderful owners.

Pokey is truly a wonderful working girl.

She even puts mommy Peggy to work ;)......lol

Well, actually Pokey shouldn't be misbehaving at a water test.

They call it "entertaining"

BMNC Water Test 2007

John and Pocahontas waiting for their turn to earn a water dog title.

I adore John he is a wonderful dad and owner.

But most of all I love his short :))))


Pocahontas chose not acknowledge any of John's commands.



John pleading with Pokey to go out & save the drowning victim.


Pokey says: why dad they have a life vest on :)


No water dog title earned, but Pokey showed John that girls rule ;)

Pocahontas says there's always next year, dad.

We love you Pocahontas

Pocahontas & Peggy enjoy their New Hampshire home.





After a swim at 4.5 months.....................................After a bath









pictured below at 15 weeks.




Puppy on a mission



My name is Pocahontas not Poca dots !!!



Jessica Simpson and I doing a duet ;)




Pictured at 8 weeks of age





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