Owners: Peggy Vivinetto & Amorosa

Pocahontas: OFA Hips/Good, Elbows/DJDI, Heart/Normal/Cardiologist, Cystinuria/Normal

Monroe: OFA: Hips/Good, Elbows/Normal, Heart/Normal/Cardiologist, Cystinuria/Carrier

Pedigree & photo's for this breeding


This litter is being raised in New Hampshire




Pocahontas's Mom (Peggy Vivinetto) chose to name the ribbon colors in a Tropical theme.

 Pocahontas's puppies born 12/17/08

She began her labor as per the normal signs, drop in temp, contractions etc.

Although the signs of labor were present, Pocahontas never went into full labor.

 She wouldn't push forcibly with the contractions, she resisted what she felt, but her body

detached the puppies from her uterus as normal regardless. This gave many puppies

delivered out of their sac's , umbilical cords severed, no placentas and four puppies that

were still born. They suffocated in the birth canal. One (Mr. Miracle, was revived after 35 mins,

only to be allowed to cross the bridge 36 hours later). Yes it is very heart breaking!

Two puppies were born outside (boy was it cold and snowing), they were caught in a towel,

before landing in the snow. 

We did all we could to give every puppy a chance at life.


In the end Pocahontas gave birth to 10 puppies, we had 5 live puppies (3 boys - 2 girls)

Thank you! Peggy & John, for being such wonderful parents.



Go away, I'm nesting miserably



In mommy & daddy's bed, after coming in from nesting :)



Back out for a bit more nesting



Back on the sofa, (lol I get to lay anywhere I want)




On a 15 minute break




in the early morning hours of 12/17/08, Pocahontas delivered her first puppy ever :)



The last puppy on the right (Mr. Miracle/Mango) is no longer with us,

he has earned his wings.




Mr. Parakeet 1.2 lbs




Mr. Sorrel (Jamaican Xmas drink) 1.6 lbs

he is the biggest and nothing stands between him and his teat!



Mr. Kiwi 1.2 lbs




Miss Grenadine 1.2 lbs

ingredient in cocktails, to give a pink tinge to mixes.




Miss Passion (passion fruit) 1.0 lbs





As you can see, Pocahontas is a wonderful mommy.



Here she takes a break and enjoys the snowfall the morning after whelping.



Can I please go in side with my babies?






Look at Mr. Sorrel, he makes certain to stand if he has to, on his first day for a drink.







Below at 4 days of age




The view the puppies will enjoy while growing up, I did :)









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