Am/Can.Ch.pointed Kloofbear's Victory At Amorosa                  

  Tina Turner 


OFA: Hips/Fair, Elbows/Normal, Heart Normal-Cardiologist, Thyroid/Normal,

 Cystinuria/Normal,   #16060,DNA profile # V218112, DNA-CHR


The CHIC number itself does not imply normal test results, only that all the required breed

 specific tests were performed and the results made publicly available,

voluntarily provided by the owner regardless of results!

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Tina's Pedigree

D.O.B. 12/26/99


Dec.26, 1999 - April 2, 2008


Tina became our first ROM in the fall of 2007.

We helped her over the bridge on April 2, 2008

And accepted her NCA ROM award at the national 2008.

Sorry, but it wasn't a happy moment, sitting in my seat, waiting to be handed the award,

all the while fighting tears, knowing Tina was physically no longer with us.

Tina is our foundation bitch, she  whelped lovely pups for us.

And was a magnificent Mom!

Her name is clearly what she was and her body that of Tina Turner "a knock out"

She was large, gentle & a loving girl. If she is not kissing you or

pressing up against you, she is lying on the floor next to you.

   I'd like to thank my dear friend and mentor breeder Evelyn de Reus for entrusting me with Tina Turner.











November 2007 Tina Turner has completed the requirements for a Newfoundland Club of America's Register of Merit (ROM).

To achieve this title Tina's children had to accomplish at least five AKC champions and earned a total of two working titles.

Tina Turner's puppies that have contributed to her ROM status are:

CH. Amorosa's Batteries Not Included ........................5/30/04 earned CH ...(Tina X Oslo son)

CH. Amorosa's I Put A Spell On U  CGC..............................4/22/07 earned CH...(Tina X Kongo daughter)

CH. Amorosa's Dark Summit CGC................................ 6/02/07 earned CH....(Tina X Kongo son)

CH. Amorosa's Pocahontas CD, WD, RA, CGC ..............6/23/07 earned CH, 8/18/07 earned a WD...(Tina X Kongo daughter)

CH. Amorosa's Grand Slam ..........................................8/10/07 earned CH...(Tina X Kongo son)

Amorosa's Que Sera Sera CD, RN, CGC ....................11/27/05 earned CD...(Tina X Kongo daughter)


Tina's other children with AKC, CKC or NCA titles

Amorosa's Hurray For Torbay CGC...(Tina X Kongo daughter)

Amorosa's Twice Around Tango CD RA, CGC...(Tina X Show son)

Canadian Ch. Amorosa's Ortona Harbour........(Tina X Show daughter)

Many many thanks to the wonderful homes that love Tina's children.

They're the one's that trained these puppies to accomplish their working titles and campaigned them to CH. status.

And Tina along with her great studs (Kongo & Oslo) produced lovely confirmation champions.



Tina Turner, December 24th 2007 two days shy of her 8th birthday.


She still has a massive strong body.






March 19th. 2003 Raleigh, North Carolina  WB, BOW, BOS  (4pts)

under Judge Mr. Jack C. Kuster

pictured at just over 3 years

New Champion




finished to her championship by handler Sam Mammano at the following shows:


March 6th, 2003  Marietta, OH  WB, BOW, BOB  (1pt)

March 7th, 2003  Marietta, OH  WB, BOS (1pt)

March 8th, 2003  Marietta, OH  WB, BOW, BOS (4pt) major

March 9th, 2003  Marietta, OH  WB, BOW, BOS (4pt) major

March 18th, 2003  Raleigh, NC WB, BOS  (2pt)

March 19th, 2003  Raleigh, NC WB, BOW, BOS  (4pt) major







    Canadian Show results:

 At 19 months of age Tina went: WB, then went BOB over TUFF Competition and  placed 3rd in group.

For a total of 5 Canadian points on July 2nd, 2001. Tina scooped up 9 pts. in one weekend,

she is 1pt shy of her Canadian Championship status.




March 8th, 2002  Rockland, NY WB, BOW  (1pt)

June 22nd, 2001 New Paltz, NY  RWB

June 29th, 2001 Ormstown, Qc, Canada RWB

June 30th, 2001 Ormstown, Qc, Canada WB & BOS (2 pts.)

July 1st, 2001 Ormstown, Qc, Canada WB, BOW & BOS (2 pts.)

July 2nd, 2001 Ormstown, Qc, Canada WB, BOB & Group 3rd (5 pts.)





Tina has blossomed into a beautiful 5 yr old woman









below Tina at age 1.5 years








Tina with her daughters "Nina & Pocahontas"




How could you not love that muddy face?



Tina with her daughter Nina Simone




Nina, Tina & Marlee (Tina & her daughters), yes they all have been digging ;)

But they will sit there and insist they don't dig.

They would say "prove it"



Tina at 3 months



Tina at 12 weeks



Tina at 1 week of age

Tina's Children




What does a   number mean?


A CHIC number is issued when test results are entered into the database satisfying each breed specific requirement, and when the owner of the dog (at 2 years of age) has opted to release the results into the public domain, regardless of normal or abnormal results. A breeder that states their dog has a CHIC number, does not imply normal test results, only that all the required breed specific tests were performed and the results made publicly available with owners permission. You may click on the chick Icon to visit the site and read more about CHIC.


Breed specific test for a Newfoundland are Hips, Elbows, Heart & Cystinuria. Any breeding stock should be tested prior to being used. Do not accept any excuses or stories. Ask for reports or certificates from either OFA, OVC or Penn Hip. My veterinarian is superb at reading x-rays, but they are still submitted and rated by a specialist in the orthopedic field.