Making the best of Fay


The day has been ruff, but we got a break in the late afternoon.

8:00 am,this photo is from the Wal-Mart parking lot, before it all began.


Our road at 10:00 am 8/19/08, but 3 houses away from our home.

Our home is 270' from the water line.



Kongo is happy, he now owns water front property.

Hmmm, Ma now we have increased the property value ;)


Kongo, says "Lets Go Kayaking"


Kongo & Rhodo watching some kids splashing down the road.


Where is daddy with the kayaks?


Hey, what are the neighbors doing in our kayak???



Hey kids, get out of our kayaks!


Oh daddy! Please let us have fun in the kayaks.


OK! enough, ready or not here we come!


Ha, Ha, Ha, Rhodo is now having fun. Look at the kids face ;)



Mommy teaching Kongo to pull the kayak.



Wow, daddy Kongo caught on quick. I'll just sit here and enjoy the ride ;)



Yeah, you go Daddy'O keeping pulling.

No need for the oars.



Rhodo is just loving it, he stayed in the Kayak for over an hour.

Hmmm, maybe I should take him to the BMNC water test with me, next month.

So that he could be the caller for the Junior exercises?


But now its time to go inside, there comes another outer band.



Ok, now the recent band has passed on.

So back out we went, while all the other dogs are in the dry AC.

Hey Dad, Now you get out of my Kayak!



Ok, I'm sorry "Please come back"  (:=P



The news forecasted that Fay was now coming at us from the east.

Fay came straight into our town, Port Saint Lucie.

We got over 12 inches of rain in a 24 hour period,

Fay hit the hardest and stalled in our town, from 6pm foreword.

I went to bed at 2am and Fay was still with us.

It was loud, strong howling winds and truck loads of water.

But no thunder nor lightning.

We had power until 12am Tuesday, then we lost it and the generator kicked in.


Below are pictures of the morning after Fay left us.

I shot these as we tried to make it out of our neighborhood.

The street on this photo starts, just left of my wipers.


Here we are at an intersection.


This is a main road (St Lucie West) it had two lanes.

Now the canal has claimed it.


We saw many vehicles in this position.


Hey, is that a fire hydrant?

some hydrants had just a tip of red, above the water.


This water line touched the step bars on the truck

and that's at least 14" high.



The news claims Fay dumped more rain then hurricane Charlie & Gene combined.

Maybe we would have been better off with a real hurricane, who knows.

But we are safe, just a few broken palm limps and torn cloth top of the gazebo.

Many others had it bad, even lost their homes to flooding and tornadoes.