The Newf. is gentle but his size and strength combined may be over powering when obedience is a lacking factor!

Older dogs can be taught new tricks, but old habits are very difficult to break, so start early!

A well mannered dog is always a pleasure!


These are some of our most cherished times and that's working together. 


CH. Amorosa's I Put A Spell On U ~ RN, CGC



Dec. 2007:  Nina (age 4) & Oslo (age11.7) earn their Rally Novice title (click)


Getting Started in Rally (click)




Amorosa's Twice Around Tango CD, RA, CGC

& a BMD Novice Draft Title :)


Tango and Corrie at the Draft Clinic in CT.




VN.CH. Amorosa's Pocahontas CD, WRD, DD, RA, CGC


Pocahontas below: towing and beaching the boat at NCNE & BMNC water tests.




Amorosa's Que Sera Sera CD, RN, CGC


Sierra  below: practicing for her obedience title


Getting Started in Obedience (click)



VN.Am/Can.Ch.Kloofbear's Mystic Seaport


Oslo is a very strong and fast swimmer. While at water trials in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, there have been news paper reporters covering the Newfoundland water trail events and we have been fortunate to have been used in their articles.


     We have placed in obedience trials.    



The Canadian Newfoundland club held their first Draft test in conjunction with their National Specialty. 

We obtained our Canadian Draft Dog title.




The Newfoundland club of America held their first Draft test in the snow, we went down in history. 

We obtained our American Draft Dog title




Oslo tows the boat in at BMNC water trial and on his way to obtain his Versatile Newfoundland title

In this exercise the person in the boat calls for help. The dog then goes out on command of the handler to the boat.

The dog then grabs hold of the bumper with the line and tows the boat and crew to shore.




Oslo and I 1999, when he earned all requirements set by NCA for a Versatile Newf. title

Oslo proudly wears his Versatile Newfoundland rosette, that he was awarded at the

2000 Newfoundland National Specialty.


Helmsman's Gypsie CD, WRD, CGC



Gypsie my first Newf. pictured at two years of age. This is where it all began. She is presently  over the Rainbow Bridge.

 Gypsie is a magnificent swimmer, she is every water work trainers dream dog. She is a whip and her soul mate is the water. Gypsie made certain that she put on a show at every water trial she was entered, she would surely make you ooooo and aaaaa. Lounging into the water like a seal and never looking back. Special thanks to all whom came to water trials to support and enjoy Gypsie. In 1998 we were awarded the NCNE Water test "Sportsmanship Award". The purpose of this award was to recognize a team-handler and dog - who demonstrate the special working relationship and bond between the Newf and his/her owner that comes from the time, patience and training necessary to prepare for the Water Test. 


Gypsie pictured above at NCNE water trials in 1998 doing the final exercise required to obtain our WRD.

I fall over board and Gypsie must jump to my rescue and tow me to shore.




Gypsie at 10 1/2 years of age. She was always the queen bee, very well respected and looked after by the whole gang.

And she was always in charge of guarding the refrigerator!




Gypsie at age one                       Gypsie escorting Oslo                           Gypsie enjoys diving in head first






*** Be patient & consistent in your training, make it fun, end it happy and train in short sessions.

***Give them lots of love and praise, so that they may learn to perform happily, reward them with lots of treats.

***When a Newfoundland is trained as I mention above, they can eventually be maneuvered with the movement of your pinky.

My dogs make offers all day, in hopes that they will be given a treat.


I recommend the following books,

they have been my bible for training myself & dogs for working titles.

B_NewfoundlandDraftWork1g.gif (14218 bytes)

Newfoundland Draft Work,  The bible on canine carting and hauling - great for all breeds! Consie is famous for her popular Siwash Carting Harness design and friendly advice!  She and her husband Roger have unselfishly contributed their expertise to educate enthusiasts from all breeds on safety, training, and equipment.  This book is an exhaustive education covering philosophy, conditioning structure, safety, equipment comparison charts, training, trail manners, team draft, parades, and NCA Draft Tests, with thorough appendices, source guide & illustrations. Author Consie Powell


Water Work, Water Play is a detailed training manual for Newfoundland water rescue work, based on the water rescue exercises devised by the Newfoundland Club of America. The book clearly and completely describes how to train your Newfoundland for successful water competition, taking you step by step through the training process, and then further, through proofing for success. It also has extensive chapters on puppy training, introducing the dog to water, helping the reluctant swimmer, teaching your Newf basic obedience, and retrieving training. Water Work, Water Play is a comprehensive training guide for the WD and WRD divisions, and this greatly-expanded edition includes the new WRDX division. Hundreds of photos and sketches will help you with every step of the training. The training methods are clear and fun for handler and dog, and the problem-solving sections are invaluable.







The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland To Track Brand new edition available now!

The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland To Track
By Judi Adler

Without exception, the most extensive tracking book available. Written with Newfoundlands in mind, but applicable for any breed. Full instruction for both TD and TDX level tracking. Over 250 photographs and illustrations. The Audible Nose is entertaining and clear, and its methods are easy to follow. This invaluable book helps you every step of the way, with multiple ideas and solutions for every problem encountered during tracking training. Chapters include how to begin, intermediate tracking, article indication, adding distance, terrain changes and obstacles, aging, motivation, and dozens more. And a vastly expanded index will instantly guide you to the precise information you seek.

I own and recommend both of these items, I have used them when one of my girls whelped a litter and came down with Lymes, days later. I also used it on a 12 week old puppy who also became lame to a distemper/parvo vaccine reaction. They will save your back and make it less stressful on a already stressed dog. I couldn't live without them both!

Getting Started in Obedience

Getting Started in Rally

Recommendations for a Canine First Aid Kit

Dog Treat Recipes Index 1

Dog Treat Recipes Index 2






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The working Newfoundland dog

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