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 OFA: Hips/Good, Heart Normal-Cardiologist, Elbows & Thyroid/Normal, 

Cerf. Eyes, Cystinuria Carrier, DNA profile #V154304,  #16058

The CHIC number itself does not imply normal test results, only that all the required breed

 specific tests were performed and the results made publicly available,

voluntarily provided by the owner regardless of results!


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Oslo's pedigree

D.O.B 7/23/96




Oslo isn't this big, well his heart is.

I had to crop & paste this photo, since the original has Nina next to me.

pictured at 11.7 years of age, with Judge Lynn Eggers

Oslo is now:

VN.AM/CAN.CH.Kloofbear's Mystic Seaport CD, DD, WRD, RN, CGC/TDI, CAN CD, DD

Oslo earned his 1st leg at the Boca Raton KC trials on 5/12/07, score of 91 and placed 3rd

Oslo ed his 2nd leg at the Boca Raton KC trails on 5/13/07, score of 88

Oslo earned 3rd leg in Orlando, FL on 2/23/08 with a perfect score of 97 out of 100.

Oslo obtained his RN title at the stud age of 11.7 years of age.

(well, he thinks he still is a stud :)

I only put him through it because he begged

...really he gets energizer bunny moments






Oslo turned 10 years of age on July 23rd, 2006




Oslo pictured at home at the age of 6 years below.


Above Oslo at the age of 7 1/2 years young. He is still very very spunky, smart and eager to please

Oslo Pictured above at 3 weeks shy of 8 years of age.

Oslo and I 1999, when he earned all requirements set by NCA for a Versatile Newf. title

Oslo at 2yrs of age, on one of our hikes in T-Town...above

Oslo swimming in Florida

Oslo pictured on his 1st birthday.

"Oh mommy I feel so silly"

Oslo kissing his daddy at Cape Cod

    Pictured above Best of breed, under judge Mr. R. Stennmark.

           1999 Canadian National Specialty, Winner dog & Best of Winners,
         under Canadian Judge Mr. Doug Windsor


               1999 American National Specialty, 2nd out of the am-bred class, under
                        Judge Mrs. Michelle Billings

               1999 Bonaventure Montreal, supported entry, Best of Breed under
                     Judge Mr. Edd Bivin and in the group ring


                      April 27th, 2001 Bear, DE  Group 3 under Judge Mrs. I. Bivin


                 July 1st, 2001 Ormstown, Quebec  Best of Breed under
                        Judge Mr. Jamieson Glendinning


                      American Newfoundland National Specialty 2000 (Oslo pictured in the center 




                   April 27th, 2001 Bear, DE  Best of Breed under Mrs. D. Kodner.

                    Group 3 under Mrs. I. Bivin




                    Best of Breed & Winners Dog (4pt major) under Judge M. Martorella

                    Oslo pictured with his sire BIS. AM/CAN.CH.Seal Cove's Espen til Kloofbear



 Words can not describe how intelligent, loving, gentle, caring, sweet and funny Oslo is. Oh and did I forget handsome. Oslo is ten steps ahead of anyone, he is human. Oslo understands and speaks the English language.  Oslo was owner handled to his championship. Along the way we had some very beautiful wins and placements. 1999 was a wonderful year for us in the show ring. Oslo placed in 2nd in the Am. Bred class at the Newfoundland National Specialty. Then we went off to the Canadian National Specialty and Oslo went 1st in the Open black dog class, Winners Dog and Best of Winners. All owner handled. My husband says that now that Oslo has done more than most, he can now be a shop dog.

 I don't think so honey :)



Oslo's pedigree

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What does a   number mean?


A CHIC number is issued when test results are entered into the database satisfying each breed specific requirement, and when the owner of the dog (at 2 years of age) has opted to release the results into the public domain. The CHIC number itself does not imply normal test results, only that all the required breed specific tests were performed and the results made publicly available, voluntarily by the owner! You may click on the chick Icon to visit the site and read more about CHIC.