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Below are links to all the litters we have bred. We remain in contact with every loving home that we chose to place our pups with. We have been owned by Newfoundlands since 1996 and bred our first litter in 2002. It is recommended that you exhibit your dog/bitch in confirmation, train in water work etc do all required health checks (hips, elbows, heart, cystinuria) and meet responsible breeders within the Newfoundland breed, learn and visualize the breed standard before you consider breeding your dog.

In doing the above you will learn that breeding dogs is not a quick way to make money & learn if your dog would be an asset to a breeding program or just best love for a great companion. You will also learn that Newfoundlands (as with any living being) deserves to be cared for and loved for its entire life and not just placed in a any home that is willing to purchase them. Every puppy deserves the best homes & every home deserve the pup that is compatible to them. Not every family is the correct family for a Newfoundland.




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There is NO such thing as a dry mouth Newfoundland:
if so, then they are structurally incorrect.
If a breeder tells you their Newfoundlands don't drool,
that breeder lacks knowledge of the breed.
Many people love Newfs, but can't get past the drool and the tons of hair.
If you fall into this category, don't look to purchase a Newfoundland  
especially from a breeder who will use this line!
 Look into a different breed.  The Newfoundland is not for you.
All Newfoundlands that are structurally and anatomically correct drool!
If you choose to get a Newfoundland based on its teddy bear-like looks,
its size (which varies from lines to lines) and you're not going to maintain
its high maintenance grooming, you will have a matted,
smelly companion and you will be miserable.
 Both you and ( the Newfoundland especially) will be heart broken.
Newfoundlands love to be groomed and to lay their wet,
slobbery jaws on your lap, 24/7,
whether you're in your black tie outfit or in rags :)




April 27th, 2010

                Jade X Monroe


Jan 21st, 2009

                Nina Simone X Monroe  


Jan 05th, 2009

              Celine X Monroe


Dec 17th, 2008

              Pocahontas X Monroe


June 15th, 2008

              Celine X Kongo


April 23rd, 2006            

               Celine x Kongo               Click to view    brags & photo's 


Jan 10th, 2006            

                Nina Simone x Show      Click to view brags & photo's


Dec 24th, 2005

                Tina Turner x Show      Click to view brags & photo's


June 17th, 2005

                Tina Turner X Basil


Feb. 22nd, 2004

               Tina Turner X Kongo    Click to view The Confetti Litter brags


April 19th, 2002              

                 Tina Turner X Oslo     Click to view brags & photo's



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