The Newfoundland is a sweet-disposition dog that acts neither dull nor ill-tempered,

 he is known for his genuine gentleness, and serenity. 

He is a devoted companion.


He is gentle but his size and strength combined may be over powering when obedience is a lacking factor!

Older dogs can be taught new tricks, but old habits are very difficult to break, so start early!

A well mannered dog is always a pleasure!


My sister Diana visiting New York from Florida




            Oslo relaxing in the tub                                              Erica & Oslo bonding.
                  after a shower.



                 My husband & Oslo                  Courian and Julian.                     Roumaine & Oslo snoozing
                 expressing their love
            for each other on the beach.




   Oslo being escorted by Gypsie.            Oslo assisting the judges in Canada
                                                                          with his ribbons.



                                                     Erica & our dogs                                                       Gypsie & Oslo relaxing



My husband Courtney & Oslo after a day of hard work.




 Ryan lives across the road.  He feared Oslo's size until he got to know him. 

                                   "Best friends"                     




My nephew Royce & Tina Turner playing kisses. 




These are pics. of my nephew Chris, Oslo & Kongo while on vacation in Florida 2/02




Oslo ran into some very big friends on his way back home from the     

Newfoundland National Specialty (MI) in 2001



You may be bigger but I'm faster!!!





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